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Momo Nakamura (Japanese Woman)

momo nakamura Momo Nakamura graduated from Towson University where she studied acting. She moved from Japan at age 18, and is currently a professional actor in DC/MD area. Locally she has worked with Discovery Theater, Landless Theater Company, Tsunami Theatre Company, and Arena Stage to name a few. On camera, she has a recurring role in the online sitcom Buddy Jackson ( She also has worked on local independent films for Dobler’s Pen Productions, Sleepwalker Films, Cooler Productions, Anderson Productions, Integral Arts, and of course, Pocket Change Pictures.

“I needed a Japanese actor for a role. I found Momo on the net and my wife Lisa and I had a lunch meeting with her and we both felt her haunting beauty was perfect for what we had in mind. Her scene was the first one we shot and three years later, when I called her to tell her it was finished, she didn’t know what I was talking about. But she was perfect. She was the ‘heartbeat’ of the film.”– LOOP Director – Pericles Lewnes

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