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Courtney Hoskins (Special Effects, Web Design)

courtney hoskinsCourtney Hoskins has been making films since she was fourteen years old and dreaming about movies most of her life. Her passion for the cinematic medium and intense curiosity about the world around her have lead her down many different paths in life. She’s studied French, meteorology and astronomy, traveled around the world, and has made a living as a makeup counter artist, a volcanic ash image analyzer, a web designer, a visual effects artist, and has recently delved into the world of 3D animation, teaching herself Maya along the way (yes, it can be done).

Her works have spanned an equally broad range: from experimental films to animation and live-action narrative shorts. However, her greatest joy in life is sharing stories with an audience and her favorite medium for doing so is narrative cinema. The experience and skills she has gathered on her wandering path have combined to form a unique vision of the world that she hopes to instill in her artwork and share with whomever will listen.

In addition to being a complete film geek, Courtney is also a member of Mensa, an amateur astronomer, a lover of improv comedy, an actress, a certified SCUBA diver, and can often be found with a sketch pad or book in hand. Currently, she is producing an animated short and her first feature-length film.

courtney hoskins

“I met Courtney while we were competing in an online shorts contest. She made a brilliant movie called “Snowbird,” which I loved. There were others in the contest and I needed someone to help me with some effects. There was one guy with a great animated movie. I tried to talk to him and he blew me off. I went to Courtney’s website – Quartzfilms – and saw that Courtney was an artist with off the hook skills in Colorado. She had all kinds of incredible samples that encompassed film, video, photography, animation and writing. I also noticed she was an After Effects / Maya / Combustion expert and I began to email her about my needs for LOOP. She said she would help. We have NEVER spoken on the phone or met each other in person. Over email, snail mail and FTP she helped created what I think is the most stunning and compelling scene in the movie. I know I said “helped” but that’s because I don’t want to sell anyone short, but her contributions take LOOP to another level. Courtney Hoskins is an ingenious artist and I hope to meet her some day.” – Pericles Lewnes

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