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Beate Whitesell (Woman in the Field)

beate whitesellBeate is a television editor in the DC metropolitan area. Born in Germany, she enjoyed acting as a child in her community, as well as in high school plays. She recently played the role of a storyteller in the 1990 Broadway musical “Once on This Island,” performed in Washington, DC. Beate’s passion is the outdoors. Anything goes as long as it’s fun and involves nature. Traveling and exploring the world is her favorite pastime. From snowboarding, to hiking, biking, sailing, playing tennis, or riding a horse – it doesn’t matter what it is she does as long as it entails sharing her activities with friends. Beate’s goal is to find a perfect piece of land and build a solar green home, retire early, and travel the world.

beate whitesell 2

“Beate is another colleague that captured my imagination. I love unique people, and Beate, who was born in East Germany and lived there before the Berlin wall came down was a talented editor with a fresh look and hypnotic beauty. There was a role I still needed to cast, it was an unusual role and I was a bit reticent about asking her. But in our conversations I asked her about acting and as it turned out she did some plays in Germany. I handed her some pages and expected her to say no or ask me a bunch of questions. Instead, she walked into my edit suite tossed the pages on a chair and exclaimed, “I’ll do it!” and walked away. She was perfect. I am happy that she is continuing her acting career and I hope we get to work again.”

– LOOP Director – Pericles Lewnes

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