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Elizabeth Zosso (Dir. of Digital Photography)

elizabeth zossoElizabeth Zosso is a D.C. based news photographer who has been working in television field production for thirteen years. Her career includes staff positions with C-SPAN, MBN, and CNN. As a freelancer, she has worked for a long list of clients including ABC, NBC, ESPN, FOX, and The Discovery Channel. In addition to news coverage, Elizabeth has worked on documentaries, as well as magazine, sports, and entertainment productions. In 2006, Elizabeth joined the production team of LOOP, as a director of digital photography. Her collaboration with Lewnes was so successful that he invited her to work with him on FREEDOM PLAZA, a 5- minute narrative film which premiered at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival in August. Elizabeth graduated summa cum laude from Towson University with a film-concentrated degree in mass communications.

“Elizabeth came on the scene late after Frank Washington had to start working weekends and ended up putting the movie in the can with me. Elizabeth not only has a good eye, she has a cinematic eye. She understands movement and composition and is so good; you barely notice her incredible skills on the screen. I notice them though, and she is LOOP’s savior. She truly “gets” me and that’s not easy.” – Pericles Lewnes, LOOP Director

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