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Adrian Bond (Original Sound Design/Dobbs)

adrian bondAdrian Bond has known Pericles Lewnes for more than 25 years and has been the only composer Lewnes has turned to for his own projects. LOOP will be the second feature collaboration between the two, almost 20 years after Bond composed the original soundtrack to the 1985 cult hit REDNECK ZOMBIES, which is currently being distributed by Troma Entertainment and scheduled to be re-released in a 20th Anniversary edition. In the interim Bond also collaborated with Lewnes on several documentaries, including the 2006 mixed martial arts documentary FIGHTER, featuring Randy Couture. Bond, who deftly crosses between the genres of Ambient, Electronica, Drum & Bass and Trip Hop, is an established musician in the Baltimore/Washington Area and has opened recently for Thomas Dolby, with vocalist Joanne Juskus. That appearance brought rave reviews from the Internet through the Thomas Dolby fan lists and has brought more attention to the Bond-Juskus collaboration in their new spatial music project called “Pillowbook.” A remixed version of XXXX by Pillowbook is featured in LOOP. A digital anarchist, Adrian just doesn’t compose music for LOOP, but creates “soundscapes” that meld his sound with the movie’s image.

Man. Where do I start with my good friend Adrian? I have known him for more than twenty years. He knew me before I ever considered filmmaking and I knew him before he was a musician. Another close friend, Tyrone Taylor, who was also supposed to be in this movie, introduced me to him. I could write a lot about Adrian, and I think I will, but that’s for another page.

Adrian has composed for every project I ever cared about. You see, I’m lucky to know him because “he gets me.” He composed the soundtrack for “Fast Game, Fast Money: The Grifters of New York,” “Metal and Stone” a LOST experimental project I made back in the 80’s of abstract Americana and of course “Redneck Zombies.” I also made a music video for Adrian’s ambient piece “Die Calmly Like a German,” which was inspired by the short story “The Temple” by HP Lovecraft.

I think I might post that video. If I do you will see it on this page.

For LOOP, Adrian was a triple threat. He is the composer of the original soundtrack, the designer of said soundtrack and he plays the role of Dobbs.He’s quite good.As a filmmaker, I feel that the soundtrack is 50% of the experience. I feel Adrian’s contribution to LOOP is beyond my own in many ways. You don’t hear many filmmakers say things like that, but I know what I’m talking about. I hope by now that you know I think rather highly of Adrian Bond. When LOOP came together in my head, Adrian was always a major component in the equation as both an actor and composer.

It’s impossible to quantify how much Adrian brings to LOOP. When I sit back and watch him work I am always awestruck. He is simply a masterful composer on a level with Wendy Carlos, Trent Reznor and David Lynch. Adrian’s music and sound design elevates LOOP from a mere movie to a Cinematic experience.”

– LOOP Director Pericles Lewnes

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