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David Ridenhour (Man #1)

david ridenhour

David, currently a video editor working in the DC area, has revisited his passion for acting with his role in LOOP.

David began his career with a BFA in acting from the Catholic University of America and an MFA in editing from the American Film Institute. As an actor he toured the country doing Shakespeare with National Players, and has acted in several local dinner theatres and at the Folger Theatre. One of his greatest experiences was being able to study acting with Sanford Meisner. While living in Los Angeles
David moved into producing and directing Industrials and discovered his love for editing.

Today his main passion is his wife and 2 kids. David was born in Salisbury, North Carolina.
“It is a true gift to work with people who love what they do. But Peri’s true gift was letting us love it too.”
– David Ridenhour

“Everytime someone sees LOOP, they ask me, “Who was that guy?”

David Ridenhour was a colleague of mine. We worked as editors for a network in Springfield, Virginia, but he told me that he had some acting experience when he lived in Los Angeles.

I told him that I needed an actor that would agree to shave his head. I realized that it was an imposition and I assuered Dave that it would only take a couple of days, over a weekend.

I was wrong.

It took about 8 days… over the span of two years…

But that’s that’s another story. Keep an eye on the Production Notes for that.

Not only did Dave hang in there, but he kept coming back with great enthusiasm. Shaving his head at the drop of a hat (Sorry) and creating a character with nuance in a scene that truly sets the tone for the rest of the movie. Dave is also the nicest guy, but don’t let that friendly smile here on the Bio page fool you. He creates a character with an edge… a whole other guy… you’ll see…” – LOOP Director Pericles Lewnes

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