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Lisa DeLucia Lewnes (Producer)

lisa delucia lewnes

Lisa DeLucia Lewnes began her career as a filmmaker in New York, where she worked for a variety of companies including Laurel Entertainment, Good Machine, Turner Pictures, ABC, and CBS, to name a few.

In 1991 Lisa Lewnes teamed up with Pericles Lewnes and ColorCast Productions to produce FAST GAME, FAST MONEY: THE GRIFTERS OF NEW YORK, which was featured in Michael Wiese and Deke Simon’s FILM AND VIDEO BUDGETS (2nd Edition) as a model of efficient and creative “no-budget” filmmaking.

Lisa was the co-producer of the documentary FIGHTER, and produced a number of music videos, including Jimmies Chicken Shack’s “HIGH,” which was voted one of the 10 best videos on MTV2 by Rolling Stone Magazine in 1997.

Between 1997 and 2003, Lisa returned to school to pursue graduate work in literature and film at the University of Maryland. She was awarded a teaching assistantship in the English department and later became a lecturer in Women’s Literature and American Literature.

Lisa now works as an operations manager and field producer at Reuters Television in Washington, D.C., and is the producer of the feature film LOOP.

“What can I say about my Wife/Producer? Joanne Juskus, a musician who contributed to the LOOP soundtrack once asked me, “What would have happened without Lisa?” and Adrian Bond, my composer and sound designer cut me off and said in a strong serious Shakespearean delivery, “LOOP NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.” It’s true. Lisa made everything happen. If you look at the credits of LOOP, you will see that they are very short. Lisa filled every role and best of all, she was my creative collaborator, always there to bounce ideas off of and always there to extend my thinking. No Lisa, No LOOP. She’s the best.” – LOOP Director Pericles Lewnes

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